NAHA 2011: “Dark Beauties” Revealed

"To capture the essence of these defiant yet undeniably sexy characters...

my team and I draped all three models from head to toe in hair, allowing for the different textures and movement to showcase their sense of freedom and boisterous fashion styles.  To further enhance the drama, we utilized a fresh approach with makeup to give new life to the pin-up culture that I was very intrigued by during my own childhood as well.

To complete these looks, each image was digitally enhanced to create an aura of illustrative fantasy that enchanted their spellbinding personas.  Being able to recreate their attitudes and embellish them with these creations, the Dark Beauties series was truly an inspirational experience for everyone involved.” 

“I have always loved the darker side of the villainous vixens in childhood stories we’ve all grown up with, so I wanted to take a few of my favorites and bring them from the story book pages to the theatrical stage of avant-garde design and pay homage to their larger-than-life personalities.”
— Hauns Korpela
corbin thomas