Recently, I was hired to assist the band Starset in creating a music video narrative for their new single "Halo" With virtually no time for preproduction, we hit the ground running on this, assembled a team and shot off into the desert of Utah to begin shooting. A 30 hour journey non stop into darkness. We camped in tents in the rocky hills just over the bonneville raceway in 14 degree weather. No civilization in site. We shot all day every day sun up to sun down and later, we drank beers by the fire to stay warm. We ate dehydrated food packages like spacemen. I took a dump in a thorny bush. We had the benefit of one shower at a hostel style privately owned truck stop with attached diner. A giant mexican lady gave us towels and took us down the poorly lit hallway to our stalls. The showers were warm. She was gentle. I could not complain. 

Understaffed, exhausted, covered in salt, sometimes snow  our team truly lived the experience of the story's main character "Thomas" as he traveled across the surface of a martian planet. 

corbin thomas