The Architect - Magnanni FW16

Had the opportunity to shoot some campaign imagery for Magnanni Fall Winter line. The following images are some of my favorites from the sequence. Always much room to improve, but each one presented its own challenges and proved to be a great learning experience. 

The Efren

Maroon 5 - Honda Civic Tour

 For the past month I have been working with my good friends in Good Theory on the LED wall content for Maroon 5's 2013 Tour. I started with a bit of work in Columbus, previs and style frames.


connection in Houston

The first stop was Chaos Visual in Burbank, CA. Where we spent several weeks of long hours in a non air-conditioned warehouse with at least 8 box fans blowing on our open mac pro towers to keep them cool while rendering. The render Farm got to live in the upstairs air-conditioned office. Lucky render farm.. 

trevor hard at work between renders checking for quality pants.

the office

the office

830 am to 1230am 7 days a week/sometimes more, Through thinning sanity and lots of survival junk food. We later moved to the Galen Center for stage construction and rehearsal. 


a shot from one of my favorite scenes. 

a shot from one of my favorite scenes. 

During the final week, approvals on our content were almost totally complete. With the exception of a few. The show was ready to roll! Maroon 5 Posted the last image here right before the tour left for St. Louis!

Be sure and check out Maroon 5 and our content if the tour comes through your area. The band is a rare mix of professionals they truly are talented musicians & showmen.