Maroon 5 - Honda Civic Tour

 For the past month I have been working with my good friends in Good Theory on the LED wall content for Maroon 5's 2013 Tour. I started with a bit of work in Columbus, previs and style frames.


connection in Houston

The first stop was Chaos Visual in Burbank, CA. Where we spent several weeks of long hours in a non air-conditioned warehouse with at least 8 box fans blowing on our open mac pro towers to keep them cool while rendering. The render Farm got to live in the upstairs air-conditioned office. Lucky render farm.. 

trevor hard at work between renders checking for quality pants.

the office

the office

830 am to 1230am 7 days a week/sometimes more, Through thinning sanity and lots of survival junk food. We later moved to the Galen Center for stage construction and rehearsal. 


a shot from one of my favorite scenes. 

a shot from one of my favorite scenes. 

During the final week, approvals on our content were almost totally complete. With the exception of a few. The show was ready to roll! Maroon 5 Posted the last image here right before the tour left for St. Louis!

Be sure and check out Maroon 5 and our content if the tour comes through your area. The band is a rare mix of professionals they truly are talented musicians & showmen. 

Scott J Salon "Salon Promo 2012"

This was a quick promotion video we built for Scott J Salon. Upon returning from NYC from the terminal 5 event, we went directly into this project with the goal of finishing it before christmas! The 3d elements were created in Maxon C4d, and composited with Aftereffects.  Our goal was to create a world that housed the clients variety of fashion and hair photo-shoots in a clean crisp container while maintaining the salon's brand values. The video was produced by two artists over a five day timeline. 

HP Windows 8 Launch Party NYC

On October 24 Hewlett Packard hosted a private party, called The Sound of Touch, at Terminal 5 in New York City to highlight their latest touch-screen laptops and other devices. The party included hip-hop electronic group Far East Movement and Grammy music blogger Arjan Writes.

Playing a crucial role to the event was the development of interactive video content to demonstrate the ease-of-use and seamless artistry of the latest Windows 8 OS running on HP products. Wellcan Still & Motion Media was hired by Infinity Marketing to handle this job.  We were also given the opportunity to fly in some very familiar faces to the Wellcan team to help us make this project a success.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Thank you so much for all of your help with this project. You have truly been a pleasure to work with.
— Kailene

The team also produced original cues for the Far East Movement hits Rocketeer and Like a G6, displayed onscreen behind the performers during their live show at the event.  The results were a hit.

We’re very proud of this project, and we’re happy to add it to our list of accomplishments.
— Corbin Thomas

As we reached the end of the deadline Corbin, Miguel, and Trevor went out to the gun range to relieve some pressure.

Black Eyed Peas - Robin Hood Foundation


The Black Eyed Peas and friends are joining with Robin Hood, the largest poverty fighting organization in New York City to raise funds to help the 1.8 million New Yorkers living in poverty. 100% of the profits will go to charity. We’ll raise funds, awareness and raise the roof at the same time. (Okay, Central Park doesn’t literally have a roof, but you get the idea.)

Music & Media - Alone in NYC...

I was recently hired by friends in Vidaroo to create video content for the Black Eyed Peas European tour. First show was to kick off in Nyc for the Robin Hood fund raiser.

My flight landed earlier than the rest of our crew, I was greeted in baggage claim by a bald suited  man with a sign. He grabbed my bags and we walked silently to his Lincoln and rode silently into the city.

It had been a year since I had been in New York so I went sight seeing! AKA the apple store, where I had to resist buying an iPad 2.

On my walk to get some BBQ popchips and other necessities from CVS I snapped a couple photos of what was in the area.

The work week starts tomorrow. Going to be several all-nighters of clicking the mouse and making visuals. As usual working with a great team of friends and artists. 

"We met the deadline, completed the work.. the show was ready to go off without a hitch, then came mother nature...

We were all exhausted from several days of animating and sleeping next to our workstations during renders. Our closest convenience mart for quick food was a Dunkin Doughnuts gas-station where taxis fueld up, needless to say we were running on fumes. The only light at the end of the tunnel was the adrenaline rush you get watching your work in front of thousands of people as an integral part of a multi-million dollar production. An hour before the show like a gang of zombies, we drug ourselves across town from SIR Sound Stage to central park as lightning and rain threatened to come crashing down and it did... 

The Black Eyed Peas understand a thing or two about second chances.

The “Boom Boom Pow” hit makers were met with unexpected news this past June when an impending thunderstorm caused them to abruptly cancel their summer performance at Central Park.

”You have to understand, we drove up and there were thousands of people lined up and we felt like we let everybody down,” band member Taboo told the Daily News in a phone interview. “We were devastated but we didn’t want to put any lives in jeopardy or take any chance of people getting hurt.
— Joyce Chen - NY